Box Build

Whether your design requires a simple, straightforward box build or a more complex assembly, Pro-Active Engineering has the expertise, equipment and experience to meet your needs.

Box Build Examples

Industrial Controller Box Build

  • Steel Construction, 20” x 14”, 45lbs
  • 19 Custom Circuit Board Assemblies
  • Advanced Industrial Control System with power distribution, and remote operation of mechanical and photographic systems.
  • Innovative control system using video game controller for high fidelity controls of sensitive machinery.

Extreme Conditions Box Build

  • NEMA rated Steel Enclosure
  • Designed for precise measurements of oxygen, heat, and CO2 in temperatures above 1,000 degrees.
  • Advanced Sensors transmit data through Bluetooth, collecting data in places unsafe for humans.

Industrial Wireless Sensor Box Build

  • NEMA rated Steel Enclosure
  • Remote condition monitoring and wireless reporting of temperature, vibration and oil contamination.
  • Smart maintenance tools reduce downtime from scheduled service and repairs increasing output and efficiency.
  • Designed for a harsh environment with the potential for impact damage.


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