Customer Supplied Components

The following requirements apply to all components supplied by our customers.

  • The customer is responsible for providing RoHS compliant Bill of Materials if the assembly requires it. If required, Pro-Active Engineering will build assemblies following RoHS compliant processes.
  • It is recommended the customer send extra parts due to leaders and/or attrition during the PCB assembly process. Pro-Active does not experience much loss, but to be safe Pro-Active would appreciate having a small number of overages to avoid any delay in assembly.
  • Lead time may be impacted if the proper leader and/or attrition is not supplied. If you have expensive components or a minimum quantity of any component on hand, please contact your sales representative for details.
  • Parts that are properly shipped in anti-static carriers or moisture-sensitive packaging will be treated with care while being inventoried, placed, and resealed. Any unused Customer supplied parts are returned with your assembly.
  • Component Packaging Requirements
    • Each component shall be individually packaged, labeled with the BOM line item number, customer part number and/or manufacturers’ part number
    • The following are acceptable packages of consignment/customer supplied components:
      • SMT Reels
      • Cut Tape
      • Thru-Hole bulk or tape
      • Tubes / Trays
      • Digi-Key Reels
    • SMT components, not supplied on reels, are required to be on one continuous strip of tape.

Overage Guidelines

  • Passive Devices (Resistors, Capacitors, and Diodes)
    • 0603 and larger footprints: Add 10% and/or 20 pieces to build quantity. One continuous tape strip required (Splicing of tape is not permitted).
    • 0402 and 0201 footprints: Add 50% and/or 50 pieces to build quantity. One continuous tape strip required. (Splicing of tape is not permitted).
    • All others add 20% overage.
  • IC’s
    • Under $1.00 – Add 5% overage or one piece. Whichever is greater.
    • $1.00 – $5.00 – Add one piece.
    • Over $5.00 – No extra is required
    • If IC’s are in tape media, One continuous piece of tape is required (Splicing of tape is not permitted)
  • Thru-Hole
    • A minimum of one thru-Hole or one percent whichever is greater. (Large volume jobs add to 2-3% overage on inexpensive items .50 cents and less.

Bare PCB’s

  • We recommend having a silkscreen on your PCB indicating polarity and 1st-pin markings.
  • All bare PCB’s require a 1/4 inch rail on all sides to accommodate machine handling.
  • A minimum of two fiducials is required for accurate component alignment and placement.
  • Minimum Array Size is 3″ x 3″
  • Maximum Array Size is 17″ x 17″


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