Materials Management

Our expert team and strong partnerships make materials handling and logistics simple.

BOM Conditioning

Pro-Active Engineering has invested in both best-in-class market research software and highly experienced supply chain professionals so we can offer our unique BOM conditioning services.

We will  initially identify issues related to component life cycle and availability. Most importantly, we will then provide solutions to each issue that make the most sense for your business, including but not limited to:

• Form, Fit and Function substitutions
• Last time buys with financing options through our distribution partners
• Bonding with our distribution partners to mitigate long lead times or availability issues
• Design changes which we can be contracted with our fully staffed Design Engineering Department

Our BOM Conditioning service offering is focused on detecting issues early and providing solutions to our customers to avoid supply chain disruptions and control costs. We offer both current state assessments and continuous BOM monitoring. Talk to your sales representative about how we can help.

Materials Handling

We have receiving staff fully trained and dedicated to component verification and incoming inspection.

Every part in our stock room has gone through our rigorous upfront process to assure that the part is correct and conforms to any drawings if applicable. Once parts have been verified and inspected, they are transferred to our inventory control team. Our experienced team is IPC certified in both ESD Pro-Active Engineering Materialscontrol and MSL (moisture sensitivity level) control and is backed by investments in best-in-class material handling equipment and software, including:

• Topoint electronic component reel counters
• Mycronic surface mount device component storage tower
• Smart Dry moisture sensitive component dry cabinet
• Smart Dry component baking oven
• Secure Safe outfitted for ESD control for storage of expensive components
• ESD compliant storage bins

Risk Mitigation

With our extreme level of commitment to servicing our customers comes our Risk Mitigation program. This program focuses on market-level trends and component authenticity.

Our supply chain staff is highly experienced in the electronics industry and monitors macro-level trends relating to lead times and availability of Mark Adamczakcomponents by class, allowing us to mitigate issues ahead of our competition. For example, allocation issues relating to Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) in 2018 were pro-actively addressed and caused no supply chain disruptions.

Next, we focus on component authenticity, a risk that is heightened during periods like the aforementioned MLCC allocation. Pro-Active Engineering’s approach is as follows:

  • Purchase from authorized distributors or
  • Purchase from our highly vetted, limited selection of Independent Distributors who can provide traceability documentation or
  • Assess the risk and contract to 3rd party testing as required for authenticity

Our approach to risk mitigation guarantees both early detections of market trends that can negatively affect your business and the authenticity of components that we purchase on your behalf to provide you a quality product.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Team focuses on where you are in the product development life cycle so we can excel in our service offering for each step.Supply Chain

Prototype – Investment in technology and process allows us to procure parts within hours of receiving a PO and deliver a complete kit to production as fast as 1 day.

Pre-Production – Work closely with sales and the customer to understand forecasts and work with suppliers to secure parts and award long-term commitments focused on the best fit for every part.

Production – After we select the best fit for every part, we monitor execution with our Supplier Scorecard process which focuses on JIT OTD, quality, inventory levels, and cost control.

End-of-Life – Identify availability risk and provide solutions to mitigate. Our unique BOM conditioning service is critical during this phase.

Aftermarket – work closely to understand customer requirements and provide solutions that limit financial exposure and minimize downtime for the end customer.


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