We promise to "pro-actively" meet your specific needs

Promoting Customer Experience

We want you to have the best customer experience, which is why we make a promise to "pro-actively" meet your needs. You can count us to deliver the following:

  • Accommodate schedule variances
  • Satisfy aggressive delivery dates
  • Find you the "hard to find" components
  • Transparently communicate throughout the entire process, from quotation to delivery.

Call Center vs. Customer Specialists

We don't have a "customer service" call center because we know you want your questions and intake handled by experienced professionals. We hire and train our customer specialists, to be experts in the industry. Each of our specialists is a highly trained point of contact that knows exactly where your job is at all times.

Need to know the status of your job?

Our specialist can schedule a consult with our team of experts for you at any stage of the process.

Why Speed Shop?

Ready, Set, Go!
We Will Meet Your Time Requirements

Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the process and let you know upfront if we can deliver in your time frame. Not every job qualifies for quick-turn assembly, so let us review your requirements today and align you with the right solution today.

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24 Hour Turn-Key Labor Only Jobs

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BOM Protocol

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We Ask the Right Questions

Pro-Active Engineering Speed Shop

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I value the customer service Pro-Active Engineering was able to provide, getting us through our challenges”.

Rich M.

"We were referred to Pro-Active by another company as a world-class organization that provides quality products, excellent service, and competitive pricing."

Stacy J.

"Their willingness to 'get involved' with my project. Taking an interest, and truly understanding not just what I want designed/built, but why, and offering up insights that I may not have considered."

Dave W.


emphasizing our commitment to continuous improvement