Our Company

Guiding customers through the complexities of design engineering and the transition to production

Who We Are

Pro-Active Engineering has been a leader in the PCB industry for over 28 years; guiding customers through the complexities of design engineering and the transition to mass production. Offering a variety of services allows our customers to consolidate all of their manufacturing and engineering needs under a single roof, removing the headaches of managing multiple vendors and complex supply chains.

How We Got Started

Our founder and President, Toby Klusmeyer, a University of Wisconsin-Madison electrical engineering graduate, decided to venture out on his own after years of developing electronic products in the electronics industry for others. Toby's passion for creating products from concept to completion inspired him to dream big, and he started his own company in May of 1996.

Toby's Vision: to help customers design, develop and bring their products to market fast. The name, Pro-Active Engineering, is derived from four words: proactive, professional, active, and engineering. All four words together, stand for the "can-do" attitude, technical expertise, and professional service that Pro-Active Engineering provides to its customers.

The business opened in a 400-sq-ft basement office on Main Street in Sun Prairie, but outgrew the small space in 2002 and moved to a new 5,000 square foot location at 350 Business Park Drive in Sun Prairie. Pro-Active still operates in the same location today, but now owns the entire 45,000 square foot property.

Growing to Meet Demand

Pro-Active continued to expand upon its capabilities to serve more diversified sectors including government and military. A commitment to improvements and quality services includes earning and obtaining certifications and quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2015 in 2010, ITAR registration in 2017, and JCP certification in 2017.

In 2019, Apex Embedded Systems, an engineering firm in Wisconsin was acquired further expounding upon the expertise in engineering and software development capabilities.

28 year anniversary

Our Mission

To continually improve to provide products and services that are perfect, on time and within budget, while improving customer satisfaction in a great working environment.

Quality Control Certification

Our advanced procedures, primary memberships, registrations, and certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, demonstrate our commitment to developing and producing superior electronics. The ISO 9001:2015 certification is an international standard that outlines certain criteria that a company’s quality management system must meet (QMS). This qualification is based on the iterative four-step management approach Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), which is used in business to control and develop processes and products. Our certification supports our structure, roles, and processes in order to meet high quality management standards.

Our Leadership Team

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, our managers provide the expertise to make your project a success. The leadership team works together with a core set of values to drive culture and vision in our organization.

Pro-Active Engineering Team