Pillarhouse Improves Pro-Active Engineering’s Production with Multi-Platform Selective Soldering

pillarhouse PAE

Pillarhouse International published a great article about their new selective solder machine at Pro-Active Engineering. Check it out below:

Pro-Active Engineering, a well-known leader in the PCB industry for over 26 years who guide customers through the complexities of design engineering, has chosen Pillarhouse International as their selective soldering process equipment provider and purchased an Orissa Fusion as part of their efforts to increase U.S. market share.

Offering many services, Pro-Active allows their customers to consolidate their manufacturing and engineering needs under a single roof, removing the headaches of managing multiple vendors and complex supply chains. Pro-Active’s approach of prioritising customer service ensures it has attentive and knowledgeable project managers committed to customer success.

Pro-Active has a principle of helping customers design, develop and bring their products to market fast. This high-level manufacturing criteria is precisely why Pro-Active chose Pillarhouse – for the innovative equipment and process expertise. In keeping with Pro-Active’s standards, they chose the Fusion for its high-speed PCB transfer, offering the ultimate in flexibility, to benefit the expansion of their production capabilities.

Process issues and comparative product quality of their previous wave and hand soldering operations prompted Pro-Active to review their relationship with selective soldering. The process features of Pillarhouse’s Fusion machine captivated Pro-Active and made their decision to invest simple. “Before we installed Pillarhouse’s platform, we were using a combination of traditional wave and hand solder techniques, plus a different model and style of selective solder machine,” said Paul Schwanbeck, Vice President, Pro-Active Engineering. “We needed a more cost-effective way of working and the Fusion platform presents us that opportunity and more.”

Schwanbeck continued, “Pillarhouse’s Fusion system was the standout machine in our search for a new selective soldering solution. We wanted to continue the increase in throughput of our selective solder process, while maintaining high quality and high control. With its reliable design for conveyor process, ability to keep the PCB assembly stationary, and the environmental control the multiple pre-heat provides, the Fusion facilitates our objectives superbly.”

After conducting extensive market research, Pro-Active felt the Fusion was the most technologically capable selective soldering system to meet their needs. “We reviewed other manufacturers and machines ahead of making a final decision,” adds Schwanbeck. “Once we saw the Fusion and its impressive features, we liked the fit much better than any other platform. Another key factor was Pillarhouse’s intricate level of support – their fast response to operational issues and their ability to log into the machine for troubleshooting are big positives about their machine and their customer service.”

This investment in Pillarhouse’s selective soldering technology sees Pro-Active eagerly anticipate the desired improvement in efficiency compared to their previous wave and hand soldering methods. “Pro-Active Engineering is extremely satisfied with its decision to purchase Pillarhouse’s Fusion machine,” concludes Schwanbeck. “Their process knowledge is valuable, and we are looking forward to applying the Pillarhouse machine on our new projects.”

Pillarhouse International and Pro-Active Engineering have developed a successful, well-grounded partnership.

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