Before … After

PCB Part1

Would you like to see more components appearing after manufacture? We’re showing some of them here on a mixed PCB using through hole and SMT technologies.

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ASM High Speed Time Lapse

ASM Time Lapse

Happy Friday! Our new “High Speed” line is on the left side of this time lapse video. This line is super busy and features THREE of our new ASM SIPLACE TX placement platforms.

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RUN to Success Lunch

RUN to Success

The pizza, treats, and drinks were provided at Pro-Active Engineering’s “RUN to Success” t-shirt monthly company function. Everyone enjoyed the group photograph afterwards. What a terrific team we have!

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NEW HIRES 06062022

MORE NEW HIRES! Please welcome Khai, Heidi, Jerald, Harley, Gerald, Cheryl, Jessica and Ty to the Pro-Active Engineering team. Welcome everyone and wishing you much success.

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Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a solemn day to honor and remember those who gave their lives for their country. We will be closed on May 30, 2022, to commemorate Memorial Day.

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