Pro-Active Engineering successful MFG Day


Pro-Active Engineering gave tours to our customers and future clients last Friday, October 7, as part of National Manufacturing Day. It was a huge triumph and we were busy all day. The Sun Prairie Star even stopped by and reported on our activities. Thank you to our clients and employees for their diligent efforts to…

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Pro-Active Engineering Robotic Conformal Coating

conformal coating5

At Pro-Active Engineering we have more than a few Conformal Robots. This one features a needle nozzle for precise lines and a larger atomizing nozzle for larger areas. In this video, we’re using a UV light to highlight the conformal material. Conformal coating of your PCB ensures protection and reliability for industrial and outdoor applications.…

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Pro-Active Engineering Conformal Coating Robot

PVA Conformal Coat

A PCB conformal coating application is featured in this project, using a custom machined aluminum stencil and PCB fixture designed by Pro-Active Engineering. Contact Pro-Active Engineering to put one of our conformal robots to work for you.

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