PCB Design Services

Manufacturability is a Component of Every PRO-ACTIVE Design

Seeing it on paper is one thing; seeing it through to production is another. At Pro-Active a seasoned electronics engineer will do your PCB layout, not a two-year tech or draftsman. Our hardware and software teams work side-by-side to ensure your custom circuit board design will operate correctly the first time around.

Our experience will also help catch any flaw in a PCB design you might provide before it is incorporated.

Pro-Active’s engineers have worked on a variety of applications across multiple industries, and are familiar with corresponding documentation regulations. With us, you're assured proven capability from design to documentation.

We Put The “Custom” in Customer

We specialize in designing and building embedded controls for a wealth of applications in the medical, industrial, environmental and food processing industries. Our electronics engineers are completely familiar with Freescale, Atmel, TI, and Microchip technology platforms.

Our PCB prototyping will turn your concept into a product allowing you to run through applications and assess operations. For industrial or portable consumer projects, we can design, procure and assemble the necessary pieces to make your PCB design robust, functional and superior.

We are also extremely proficient at navigating UL and CE Standards.

Our Performance is Clearly Documented

Our Design Packages include everything needed to send out for manufacturing and are delivered on one of three standard platforms:

PCB Design Services