On Spec. On Time. On Budget.

Just because a PCB assembly job has been handed off to manufacturing, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten by the design team. Our in-house assembly process assures a smooth transfer of design layouts from one team to the other. Cross-functional training between teams insures that all involved on a PCB assembly project work closely together throughout the entire circuit board design and PCB contract manufacturing process. In addition, our manufacturing engineers are experts at pre-flight operations and recognize an issue before it hits the production floor.

One of the great benefits of this close cooperation is that our electronics manufacturing documentation packages are some of the best in the business.

The PRO-ACTIVE Approach is a Proven Process

We follow the same electronics manufacturing process whether we’re doing a run of 5 or 5000 – with identical documentation, equipment, and personnel dedicated to the job. Our PCB prototypes are production-built, not hand-built or part-production/part-hand. By automating the circuit board assembly process, we reduce the opportunity for error.

As streamlined and efficient as it is, our PCB contract manufacturing system also has flexibility built in, and is designed so that extra steps can be added to our standard PCB assembly procedures if necessary.

In addition, we follow IPC-A-610 Class 2 Standards for all our assemblies.

The Leader in PCB Production Runs 5 to 100,000

We excel up to 50,000 units but have also mastered quantities above that as well. With a philosophy built on growing your business, we are especially suited for new product companies and new product lines.