Our New Equipment 2018

$215,000 Capital Investment

Pro-Active Engineering has begun 2018 with a $215,000 capital investment in hardware and software designed to improve logistics, traceability, and material handling practices.

Smart Dry SD-10 & SD-30
A complete storage and baking solution designed to exceed IPC’s J-STD-033 moisture control standards. The SmartDry units use a self-regulating technology that automatically monitors moisture levels while wirelessly logging data to a secure server.

Aqueous Technologies Trident ZDO & Zero Ion-24 
A complete board wash and testing solution cleaning to a verified 2000 resistivity. The purchase moves Pro-Active Engineering’s ROSE testing in-house and speeds up the cleanliness & verification of PCB assemblies. 

Mycronic SMD Tower 6150-15
Functions as a climate controlled automated reel storage and organization system that reduces component retrieval time by 90% while increasing personnel and equipment utilization. This system also adds an additional point of traceability and is fully integrated with the tracking and management of the new Mycronic APM Software Suite. 

Mycronic APM Software Suite 
Pro-Active Engineering manages component traceability across a global supply chain, they prepare CAD and BOM through design revisions while coordinating personnel & equipment usage to ensure on-time delivery. Each of these operations is controlled, managed, and reviewed from a centralized location using the newly purchased Mycronic Mycenter APM Software Suite. This sophisticated logistics management software and hardware integrate seamlessly with Pro-Active Engineering’s existing three Mycronic SMT machines and new Mycronic SMD Component Tower.

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Manufacturer Model Quantity Process Features
DEK Horizon 01i 1 Screen Print    Hawkeye Verification System
DEK Horizon 8  1 Screen Print  Hawkeye Verification System
Mycronic MY12E 1 Pick and Place  Dedicated Prototyping Machine
Mycronic MY12E 1 Pick and Place Low/Medium Production Line 
Mycronic  MY200 SX14 1 Pick and Place  High Volume Conveyorized Line with LED Handling upgrade package
Mycronic  SMD Tower 6150-15 1 Component Storage
& Tracking  
An automated and intelligent storage system for reels and trays. 
Vitronics Soltec XPM3 2 Reflow Oven  Nine-zone Oven
Nordson  Yestech FX 2 Automated Optical Inspection- (AOI) System Multi-spectrum
Angular Inspector
Folungwin FL-MD450 1 Wave Solder  Automated,Large PCB
Width of 450mm
Vitronics Soltec 6745 1 Selective Solder  Lead & Lead Free
SmartDRY SD-10 1 Smart Component Drying System SMARTBake technology intelligently controls MSL to the J-STD-033 specification while mitigating ESD at low humidity levels.
SmartDRY SD-30 1 Smart Component Drying System Intelligently control MSL to the J-STD-033 Specification while mitigating
ESD at low relative humidity levels.
Aqueous Technologies Trident ZDO 1 Board Wash Solution  Wash to 2000 Resistivity 
Aqueous Technologies Aqueous Zero Ion-24 1 Board Cleanliness Verification System Military and IPC approved cleanliness tester. Meets- WS 6536, MIL STD 2000A,  IPC J-STD 001, and TM650 2.3.24
Epilog Mini 30 Watt Laser Etcher 1200 DPI,CO² Cooled 
Toppoint  2000 SMD Component Counter 2 SMT Component Counter Double checks all
component counts
Sonitek TS500 1 Thermal Press Heatstaking and Heat
Swaging Enclosure Solution