Our New Equipment 2019

New Equipment & Capabilities

Pro-Active Engineering is beginning 2019 with a $265k capital investment in equipment designed to improve quality management, increase throughput with automation, and create new services for our customers.

Selective Conformal Coating
Conformal coating sprays help protect components on a printed circuit board from moisture, dirt, and extreme temperatures, however, it requires a labor-intensive masking process that slows production. The purchase of the Mycronic-MYC50 in-line coating system with multi-angle rotation precisely masks means accuracy and speed that only a machine can provide. The MYC50 represents the best aspects of mechanical automation, increasing output, accuracy, and safely handling caustic chemicals.  

3D Solder Paste Inspector
With the increasing miniaturization and density of components on PCBA’s comes placement challenges these components are only as good as the micro-volumes of solder that connects them to the circuit board assembly. Pro-Active Engineering purchased the PI Primo M SPI uses multi-angle measurements to create a real-time 3D visualization of the volume of solder paste on the PCB significantly increasing the quality control process. This allows a technician to easily identify even the smallest solder defect before any components have been placed on a circuit board. The PI Primo M SPI with 3D technology is three times more precise than Pro-Active Engineering’s existing solder paste inspection system, improving production yields.

Improved Diagnostic with X-Ray
Micro BGA’s and leadless components have become increasingly popular in wearable electronics, and medical devices but present a unique challenge in that the solder connections cannot be visually inspected. This capital investment addresses that concern by adding the Jewel Box 90T to Pro-Active Engineering’s quality control system. The Jewel Box’s five axis manipulation and 5-micron x-ray source enable a technician to magnify components 2000 times, easily detecting solder bridges, solder voids, and missing solder.



 Download Equipment Sheet
Manufacturer Model Quantity Process Features
DEK Horizon 01i 1 Screen Print    Hawkeye Verification System
DEK Horizon 8  1 Screen Print  Hawkeye Verification System
Mycronic MY12E 1 Pick and Place  Dedicated Prototyping Machine
Mycronic MY12E 1 Pick and Place Low/Medium Production Line 
Mycronic  MY200 SX14 1 Pick and Place  High Volume Conveyorized Line with LED Handling upgrade package
Mycronic  SMD Tower 6150-15 1 Component Storage
& Tracking  
An automated and intelligent storage system for reels and trays. 
Vitronics Soltec XPM3 2 Reflow Oven  Nine-zone Oven
Nordson  Yestech FX 2 Automated Optical Inspection- (AOI) System Multi-spectrum
Angular Inspector
Folungwin FL-MD450 1 Wave Solder  Automated,Large PCB
Width of 450mm
Vitronics Soltec 6745 1 Selective Solder  Lead & Lead Free
SmartDRY SD-10 1 Smart Component Drying System SMARTBake technology intelligently controls MSL to the J-STD-033 specification while mitigating ESD at low humidity levels.
SmartDRY SD-30 1 Smart Component Drying System Intelligently control MSL to the J-STD-033 Specification while mitigating
ESD at low relative humidity levels.
Aqueous Technologies Trident ZDO 1 Board Wash Solution  Wash to 2000 Resistivity 
Aqueous Technologies Aqueous Zero Ion-24 1 Board Cleanliness Verification System Military and IPC approved cleanliness tester. Meets- WS 6536, MIL STD 2000A,  IPC J-STD 001, and TM650 2.3.24
Epilog Mini 30 Watt Laser Etcher 1200 DPI,CO² Cooled 
Toppoint  2000 SMD Component Counter 2 SMT Component Counter Double checks all
component counts
Sonitek TS500 1 Thermal Press Heatstaking and Heat
Swaging Enclosure Solution 
MYC50 1 Selective Conformal Coating Three Valve, Multi-Angle, High Volume
Mycronic PI Primo M SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspector
Real-time 3D Visualization of Solder Paste and Inspection
Jewel Box 90T 1 X-Ray Inspection System
5-Axis, 5 Micron X-Ray Source, 2000x Magnification
Creality CR-10S & CR10S4
2 3D Printer
Rapid-Prototyping, +/-0.1mm, PLA, ABS