RUN to Success Lunch

RUN to Success

The pizza, treats, and drinks were provided at Pro-Active Engineering’s “RUN to Success” t-shirt monthly company function. Everyone enjoyed the group photograph afterwards. What a terrific team we have!

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NEW HIRES 06062022

MORE NEW HIRES! Please welcome Khai, Heidi, Jerald, Harley, Gerald, Cheryl, Jessica and Ty to the Pro-Active Engineering team. Welcome everyone and wishing you much success.

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PRESS RELEASE: ASM + Pro-active Engineering

ASM Presser V1

PRESS RELEASE: ASM Assembly Systems distributed a fantastic press release about their equipment in Pro-active Engineering’s new high-speed/high-volume SMT line. You can see it here: #PCBassembly #ProactivePCB #PCBFabrication

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Mini PCB

Machine placed PCBA’s are usually of a certain size, but this is not one. This temperature probe is actually meant for an industrial oven and was built by Pro-Active Engineering using machine placed components – NOT hand built. Let us build your PCBA!

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