Understanding how Delivery Dates are Calculated

Posted on June 28, 2018
by Paul Schwanbeck

Delivery Dates

As Pro-Active Engineering continues to grow and improve our processes to ensure our customers over-all satisfaction, we would like to take the time to define the term “delivery date”.  A delivery date as stated on a purchase order is understood to mean, when the product is expected to be delivered to your facility. 

I believe all businesses can relate when I say, we can only control the date we ship the product from our dock, so moving forward I ask that you calculate enough time for Pro-Active to ship your package to arrive on your dock the date you would like to receive it.  We will be updating our quotations to reflect the days being quoted as manufacturing days and the lead time will be from our dock.  If you request a 1 week lead time to be quoted, we will interpret this to mean five (5) manufacturing days, plus transit time from our dock.

The calculation of days in the quick-turn world means something different to everyone and it is our continued goal to perfect our processes and communication with all of our customers.  Should you have any questions regarding the calculation of lead times on your future orders, please feel free to contact your account or customer service representative.

Wishing you continued success,
Paul Schwanbeck
VP of Operations
Paul Schwanbeck

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