Global Component Shortage (Part 2)

Posted on July 26, 2018
by Ian DeGraff

4 Ways to Avoid Slowdowns from the Shortages

1. List alternatives for each component on your Bill of Materials (BOM)

Because of the component shortage, when submitting your Bill of Materials, we recommend at least one alternative component for each item listed in the Bill of Materials. We propose listing two alternative components for every passive component as it gives our quoting department the best chances to avoid shortages and secure the shortest lead time for our customers. When including alternatives remember to verify that they are "active" and available for use. 

2. Better Communication helps avoid slowdowns

Quick responses to emails and phone calls are critical in avoiding slowdowns, ensuring quick-turn assemblies are completed on time and approving alternate component for the best price and lead time. As we already discussed in a blog entry, our internal records show that over 93% of Bill of Materials submitted for quotation contain at least one error requiring customer communication. After submitting a request for quote expect to be contacted with follow-up questions especially if the job is time sensitive, we recommend our customers provide their mobile phone to guarantee they are accessible. 

3. Scrub your Bill of Materials for Long Lead Time & Obsolete Parts

One of our best weapons against manufacturing delays is our expertise in BOM scrubbing. Our quoting process begins with using the industry’s most advanced software SiliconExpert; capable of searching a database of over 1 Billion components and 15,000 suppliers to find alternatives for hard to find parts. With visibility on nearly every component and supplier, we are able to work with our customers on a granular level to best avoid shortages at time of quoting.

4. Securing Components with Distributors 

Our component bonding solutions have eliminated uncertainties many of our customers face. Pro-Active Engineering works with its customers to identify components at risk of shortage, and reaches out to their supply chain network and to put those components under contract reserving them for our customers. Our customers benefit from the peace of mind of avoiding the shortages and without having the upfront costs of acquiring all the components at once.

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