25% Tariff hits Electronic Components

Posted on July 26, 2018
by Ian DeGraff

25% Tariff on Chinese Electronic Components 

We wanted to thank you for being a loyal customer, and to keep you informed of political changes affecting the electronics manufacturing industry. As of July 6, 2018, as required by U.S. Trade Representative 301, some electronic components & related materials imported from China will be subject to a 25% tariff. 
A complete list of all items affected by the July 8th Tariff is here on the United States Trade Representative page here (it is 28 pages long). 

Pro-Active Engineering has been closely monitoring the situation and is actively working with our suppliers to better understand and prepare for how the tariffs impact our customers. These tariffs are unprecedented in both their scope and the speed in which they took effect, and we have no way of knowing when or if they will expire.

Our suppliers have indicated that they will be passing 100% of the tariffs through to Pro-Active Engineering, and these costs will flow down directly to our customers. 
Click the link to read several letters we have received from our suppliers. 

As always Pro-Active Engineering will continue to strive to ensure the highest level of quality, competitive prices, and availability on components during these uncertain times. 

If you have any specific questions on how the tariff will impact the pricing of your products & parts you may contact me directly or Drew Reedy Director of Inventory- Supply Chain Management.

Paul SchwanbeckSincerely,
Paul Schwanbeck
VP of Operations

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