$215k in Equipment & Increased Capabilities 

Posted on March 07, 2018
by Ian DeGraff

Pro-Active Engineering has began 2018 with a $215,000 capital investment in hardware and software designed to improve logistics, traceability, and material handling practices. This investment will help create 12 jobs, enhance the material handling capabilities of Pro-Active Engineering, and measurably improve on-time delivery.

In 2017, after Pro-Active Engineering became ITAR Certified, they hired 19 employees to keep up with increased demand from their first U.S. Military work. As part of the capital investment and expansion, Pro-Active Engineering is projecting 12 new hires this year, with three new employees already hired.  These new jobs will be in operations, engineering, production, and management.

Pro-Active Engineering Vice President of Operations Paul Schwanbeck said, “This capital expenditure speeds up our production workflow, increases the granularity of our traceability data, and gives us the manpower to improve our on-time delivery dates for all of our customers.”

Water has long been the enemy of electronics, the ambient humidity in the air is sufficient to damage certain components. Pro-Active Engineering has purchased the SmartDRY SD-30 and SD-10, complete storage and dryness solutions designed to exceed industry moisture control standards.

To meet the needs of the medical, military, and scientific instrumentation industries circuit board assemblies must be immaculately clean. To address these needs, Pro-Active Engineering has purchased the Aqueous ZDO Board Wash and Aqueous Zero-Ion 24. Together this system cleans circuit board assemblies to a verified 2000 resistivity further increasing the level of quality offered to discerning customers. 

Automation continues to create efficiencies in all sectors of the economy including manufacturing. Pro-Active Engineering has purchased the Mycronic SMD Component Tower 6150; a climate controlled automated reel storage and organization system that reduces component retrieval time by 90%. The time-consuming process of tracking and retrieving component reels is now automated, increasing productivity & traceability. The system resembles checking out a library book from a vending machine, as each component reel is checked in and out and counted.
Pro-Active Engineering has also purchased the Mycronic Mycenter APM Software Suite a system designed to control, manage, and review all logistic data from a centralized location. This intelligent software communicates with production machines to optimize equipment usage and get the product to customers faster.

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