Pro-Active Engineering Becomes ITAR Certified


Madison, WI, March 30, 2017— Pro-Active Engineering, a local leader in electronic manufacturing and engineering services, is proud to announce the completion of the ITAR certification process. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations registration allows Pro-Active Engineering to offer their manufacturing services to government defense projects.

In 2016, Pro-Active had a phenomenal year of growth, with sales increasing by 62%. To meet demand Pro-Active hired a second-shift production team, and opened a third high-speed line increasing throughput by 50%. This increased capacity has allowed Pro-Active to reach out to larger markets, that is when the ITAR certification process began.

The certification process was not without its hurdles, though, the Department of Defense requires a high level of security and sophistication for defense projects. “ITAR meant spending time reevaluating and upgrading our security, documentation, and disposal processes. We don’t want military technology falling into the wrong hands,” said Quality Administrator Andrew Brown. 

ITAR certification turned out to be an even better opportunity than originally thought as military defense spending is poised to increase dramatically. In March 2017, Donald Trump announced a 54 billion dollar increase in military related spending. This unexpected increase in spending will likely create jobs and growth opportunities as industries work to meet the needs of the US. Defense Department.

“We already have had to rethink our growth forecasts, with the increased opportunities from ITAR and more defense spending; we may have a record year,” said Senior Account Representative Deanna Dennison.        

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Wisconsin PCB Assembly Manufacturers

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I recently received a call from a prospect who was in search of a PCB design & assembly manufacturer. “Companies like you are hard to find,” he said. Knowing how strong our Wisconsin PCB assembly manufacturers are, it inspired me to create this listing.

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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Component Shortages

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From Component Manufacturer to End Customer, a lot can happen in the supply chain to cause lead time issues, like component shortages. Many issues can be anticipated and avoided by a dedicated Contract Manufacturer. Here’s what a good Contract Manufacturer should and could do for you to avoid long lead times.

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6 Communication Steps That Avoid Project Missteps

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You thought your job would be finished today. Instead, your manufacturer tells you last-minute that they’ve been waiting on parts and no way will you have the final product until next week at the earliest. Adhere to these six basic rules of communication and you’ll not only avoid communication breakdowns, you’ll also speed up your PCB design and assembly projects.

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