Our Equipment

Screen Print 1 DEK Horizon 01i Hawkeye Verification System
Screen Print 1 DEK Horizon 8 Hawkeye Verification System
Pick ‘n Place 1 Mycronic MY12E Dedicated Prototyping Machine
Pick ‘n Place 1 Mycronic MY12E Low/Medium Production Line
Pick ‘n Place 2 Mycronic MY100 DX10 High Volume Synergy Line
Pick ‘n Place 1 Mycronic MY200 SX14 High Volume Conveyorized Line with LED Handling upgrade package
Component Storage & Tracking 1 Mycronic SMD Tower 6150-15 An automated and climate controlled storage system for reels and trays
Reflow Oven 2 Vitronics Soltec XPM3 Nine-Zone Oven
Automated Optical Inspection 2 Nordson Yestech FX Multi-spectrum Angular Inspector
Wave Solder 1 Folungwin FL-MD450 Automated, Large PCB Width of 450mm
Selective Solder 1 Vitronics Soltec 6745 Lead & Lead Free
Smart Component Drying System 2 SmartDRY SD-10 SMARTBake technology intelligently controls MSL to the J-STD-033 specification, mitigating ESD at low humidity levels.
Smart Component Drying System 1 SmartDRY SD-30 Intelligently control MSL to the J-STD-033 Specification while mitigating ESD at low relative humidity levels.
Board Wash Solution 2 Aqueous Technologies Trident ZDO Wash to 2000 Resistivity
Board CleanlinessVerification System 1 Aqueous Technologies Aqueous Zero Ion-24 Military and IPC approved cleanliness tester. Meets WS 6536, MIL STD 2000A, IPC J-STD 001, and TM650 2.3.24
Laser Etcher 1 Epilog Mini 30 Watt 1200 DPI, CO² Cooled
SMT Component Counter 4 Toppoint 2000 SMD Component Counter Double checks all component counts
Thermal Press 1 Sonitek TS500 Heatstaking and Heat Swaging Enclosure Solution
Selective Conformal Coating 1 Mycronic MYC50 Three Valve, Multi-Angle, High Volume
3D Solder Paste Inspector 1 Mycronic PI Primo M SPI Real-time 3D Visualization of Solder Paste and Inspection
X-Ray Inspection System 1 Jewel Box 90T 5-Axis, 5 Micron X-Ray Source, 2000x Magnification
3D Printer 6 Creality CR10S and CR10S4 Rapid Prototyping, +/-0.1mm, ABS


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